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About Us

Discover a hidden paradise in downtown Calgary. Juliet's Day Spa is a premium skincare treatment spa specializing in laser skin and hair treatment, microdermabrasion skin resurfacing, and chemical peel facials. We don't just make you look good in the short-term, we make you look good for life. Founded in 1968, Juliet's Day Spa has helped thousands of people.


Juliet grew up in the beautiful country of Malaysia with dreams of becoming a nurse. Being from a very poor single parent family, Juliet did not have the opportunity to pursue that career. She later developed an interest in skin care and started her career as a Beauty Consultant for the French Company, Orlane Paris in Malaysia. Although never becoming a nurse, Juliet chose a career where she could still help people look and feel better. Her main goal is to help people around the world to look more vibrant by advising them on the importance of skincare.


Juliet came to Canada in 1972 along with her husband and worked in a Beauty Salon, where she introduced the first esthetic services to the Newfies, in St. John's, Newfoundland. In 1974, she moved to Fredericton, New Brunswick and started her own beauty business called the House of Juliet Ltd in the family-owned grocery store.   Her Salon had a whirlpool and sauna and provided a full range of esthetic services.   House of Juliet was also the first Esthetic Beauty Salon in New Brunswick.  As business in the salon was quickly growing, Juliet began devoting more of her time doing esthetics rather than running the grocery business.


In 1980, Juliet moved to Nova Scotia and again started the first Esthetic Beauty Salon in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. In the little town of Antigonish with a population of only a few thousand, Juliet began re-establishing her clientele base.  Working in a cramped room in a small hair styling salon, Juliet's business boomed once again with recognition from the local maritime newspaper, The Chronicle Herald.  People from all over the maritime coast booked appointments with Juliet for their esthetic needs.


In 1989, Juliet moved west across the country to the big city of Calgary, Alberta.   Initially, she started working for Raymond's Beauty Salon for 4 years in Chinook Shopping Centre.  Once again, her skills and techniques were easily recognized and built a solid clientele base. When Woodwards, a large department store chain, closed its doors to business, Raymond's Salon was forced to relocate outside of the department store. Juliet began searching for a new location and relocated her business to the Britannia area for 5 years.   At that time, she opened 2 other locations in addition to Britannia and had 3 estheticians working for her.  Managing all 3 locations was difficult.  There were only so many hours in the day.  Driving across the city and finding time for lunch was becoming increasingly difficult.  Therefore, she decided to open Juliet's Day Spa in a medical building located in downtown Calgary.  This would be Juliet's first facility to combine esthetics, massage and body wraps, and hair styling with estheticians, massage therapists, and hair stylists providing to her clients all the relevant services associated to the Beauty Industry.

The Web

In 1996, Juliet decided to tap a new and exciting market: The Internet.  With the help of her oldest son who was studying Engineering at the University of Victoria, they constructed a simple website that listed some of the more popular skincare products that could be purchased by mail-order.  After major re-development and extensive marketing of the website, Juliet's Day Spa is now providing superior quality skin care products to clients all over the world. 

Cutting Edge Equipment and Advanced Skin Care Techniques

Juliet's aim is to provide the best services to all her clients. Therefore, Juliet and her staff are always updating their skills and mastering new techniques with the latest innovations stemming from Dermatological Science.  Trained in a well-known U.S. Plastic Surgery Clinic, Juliet incorporated the new Microdermabrasion System into her Spa. She also attended the International Anti-aging conference in Toronto to study a herbal Slimming Treatment from Germany that has produced remarkable results throughout the beauty industry. In addition, Juliet has integrated a state-of-the-art laser light-pulse hair removal system as well as a laser skin treatment system.

Juliet has been trained in many cities around the world, including Paris, London, Kuala Lumpur, New York, Phoenix, Hong Kong, Montreal and Toronto.

Commitment to the Community

Juliet's Day Spa believes in giving back to the community.  We sponsor a child through World Vision which helps fund the education, health care, and future of children around the world. We strongly encourage your support in the World Vision Sponsorship program (www.wvi.org). In addition, Juliet's Day Spa makes annual contributions to The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (www.breast.cancer.ca) and The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada (www.heartandstroke.ca).

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